Angul district has come into existence as a separate district consequent upon re-organistion of district in Odisha on 1st April 1993. As per the agro climatic condition, it comes under Mid Central Table Land zone in 840.16’ to 850.23’ east longitude and 200.31’ to 210.41’ north latitude with 300 mtrs. above mean sea level. It is surrounded by Sundargarh district in North, Sambalpur in West, Kandhamal and Cuttack in South & Keonjhar district in the east. The river Brahmani flows in the middle and Mahanadi demarcates the southern border of the district. The NALCO, National Thermal Power Corporation and Talcher Coal Field have brought the fame of the district to national level. The climate of the zone is fairly humid with dry and hot summer followed by wet and humid monsoon and mild winter having average normal rainfall 1401.9 mm. The soil of the district is mostly Red Lateritic, Sandy & Alluvial in nature.

  1. Major Crops grown in the District :
    Paddy, Pulses, vegetables, spices etc. will be grown in 2,10,715 hects. area during the year 2018 kharif.
  2. Irrigation :
    There are 03 nos. of Medium irrigation projects,
    77 nos. of Minor irrigation projects,
    823 nos. of Lift irrigaation projects,
    15303 nos. of Dugwell,
    6556 nos. of Deep Borewell in the district. The % of irrigation will be 31.2 %.
  3. Seed Distribution :
    Seed replacement ratio of the district is 15.44%
  4. Seed Production Programme: It has been decided to take up seed production programme in 300 hects. with anticipated yield of Qtl. 12000 of different variety of paddy seed during 2018 kharif.
  5. Fertiliser : Fertiliser will be sold in DBT mode through PoS machine this year for which 229 nos. of PoS machine has been installed. 12350 MTs of different fertilizer will be sold in the district during kharif 2018.
  6. Bio-fertiliser – PSB, R. culture will be sold at 50% subsidy cost to the farmers for sustainable agriculture.
  7. Farm Mechanisation : Under DBT different implements like Tractor, Power tiller, Rotavator, Transplanter, Thresher and different power driven implements, spl. Power driven implements will be sold to the farmers.
  8. Soil Testing :
    During the year 2015-16 & 2016-17, 19199 nos. of soil samples have been tested and 1,04,826 nos. of Soil Health Cards have been distributed to farmers in Cycle –I.

In Cycle-II, 10354 nos. of soil samples have been tested during 2017-18 for four blocks of the district. 54,307 nos. of Soil Health Cards have been distributed. During 2018-19 , 13746 nos. of samples will be tested and 80000 nos. of Soil Health Cards will be distributed.

Basic Information of Angul District.

  1. Geographical area : 6,61,523 hec.
  2. Cultivable area : 2,11,291 ( 32% of Geographical area )
    • High land : 1,23,831 (58% of cultivable area)
    • Medium land : 53,942 (26% of cultivable area)
    • Low land : 33,518 (16% of cultivable area)
  3. Paddy area : 89,765
    • High land : 9,149 ha
    • Medium land : 47,098 ha
    • Low land : 33,518 ha
  4. Block wise Non-Paddy area : 1,21,526 ha

Grievance Hearing:
Grievance hearing on every Monday.
Address of the Head of the Office:
Deputy Director Agriculture
At./P.O- Angul
District- Angul (Odisha)
PIN: 759122