Women & Child Development

                    Women’s empowerment is an important agenda in the development efforts. There has been significant shift in approach of the district administration towards the development of women, especially the poor & the illiterate.

Working Women’s hostel

          To provide secured accommodation to the working women, Working Women’s Hostel has been established at Angul  & functioning since 1996.

State Old Age Pension (SOAP)/ National Old Age Pension (NOAP)

          Pension is provided under State Old Age Pension Scheme (SOAP) @ Rs. 100/- per beneficiary per month to the old and destitute persons of 60 years of age and above, leprosy patients and destitute widows irrespective of age whose annual income does not exceed Rs. 3200/-.  17664 beneficiaries including 8526 number of women are covered under the scheme .

          Under National Old Age Pension (NOAP),  monthly pension of Rs.100/- is provided to    8570 beneficiaries   including 3679 women . The scheme is meant for old & destitute persons of 65 years of age & above.

Mission Shakti

          This scheme was launched in this district on 3rd May 2001. The mission aims at empowering women through formation and promotion of   women’s Self Help Groups. 2184 Self Help Groups have been formed with 24235 members  . These women self help groups are engaged in different types of economic activities such as horticulture, piggery, goatery, dairy,   etc. Chidananda Swayam Sahayak group of village Gaham under Kaniha Block  was adjudged as the best Self Help Group of the State for their activities    during 2001-2002  . The banks also provide institutional credit to the SHGs to take up various income generating activities . More than 800 SHGs have availed institutional credit  during the last two years . NABARD is playing a promotional role in this regard. Organisation of women as SHGs have also brought a silent revolution in the rural areas. These groups are taking up social issues like dowry prohibition , illicit liquor trade etc.

Integrated Child Development Scheme (I.C.D.S)

          ICDS projects are being implemented in 8 blocks of this district. The target group under this programme consists of children in the age group of 0-6 years, expectant and nursing mothers in the age group of 15-45 years belonging to families below the poverty line. The scheme provides a package of services covering supplementary nutrition, immunization, pre school education, health check up, referral services   and health education for adolescent girls. 

National Maternity Benefit Scheme

          National Maternity benefit scheme was launched w.e.f. 15th Aug,1995. It is    a central scheme & targeted for pregnant women belonging to BPL families.  It aims at bringing improvement in their health and nutrition status during the pregnancy period. Assistance under the scheme is restricted first two live births only . An assistance is Rs.500/- is provided to the pregnant woman 8 to 12 weeks prior to delivery.   The CDPO is the sanctioning authority of this assistance in ICDS Blocks & B.D.O is the sanctioning authority in respect of non ICDS Blocks.             

Pre-natal Diagnostic Technique (Regulation & Prevention of Misuse) Act,1994

           The objective of this Act is to prevent female foeticide. The institutions like Genetic Counselling Centres, Genetic Laboratories, Genetic Clinics or any combination thereof and any other body using ultrasound machine   come under the purview of the Act. Four corporate hospitals and five private clinics having ultrasound facility have been registered under the provisions of the Act in Angul district. The CDMO is the Appropriate Authority to prevent  violation & misuse  of   the provisions of the  Act.

Old Age Home

          There are two Old Age Homes managed by two NGOs functioning in the district.


Name of the NGO


No.of persons


Gram Seva Mandal








Day Care Centres

            Two NGOs are managing seven day care centers at the following centers. 


Name of the NGO

Name of the Day Care Centre


Gram Seva Mandal







Jerenga Dehurisahi





            There are two orphanages  in this district.  One is functioning at Baji Rout Chhatrabas, Angul with 100 inmates and another is functioning at Athamallik Balashram with 25 inmates.

Welfare of the Handicapped

          51 no of handicapped students are getting stipend. Special appliances like wheel chair, motorized bicycles, tricycles, crutches, hearing aids are provided to persons with disabilities with the help of organizations like ALIMCO, NIRTAR.   

Infant Mortality Reduction Mission         

      High infant mortality is the greatest concern of our civil society. It is a composite indicator of human development. The state of Orissa has the dubious distinction of having the highest infant mortality rate in the country. The Govt. of Orissa is alive to this pressing problem. It has launched a mission called infant mortality reduction mission to bring down IMR from 97 to 60. Institutional delivery, malaria chemo prophylaxis, reproductive and child health programmes are being undertaken to bring down IMR.