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Helping Public                                             Number of Motor Vehicles Registered

Department Structure 

(A) Commerce & Transport Department

  (i) Commerce-cum-Secretary to  Govt. C&T(Tr.) Department : Administrative Head

  (ii) Transport Commissioner-cum-Chairman, : Head  of the
       State Transport Authority                      Department     

 (iii)  Chairman, Regional Transport Authority : Collector & D.M.

 (iv)  Regional Transport Officer                   : Head of the Office

(B) Staff position of RTO Office, Angul

      The newly created RTO Office for Angul District has been started functioning with effect from 01.07.2002 with the following staff postion as given below.

                         Designation              Number of staffs
1.   R.T.O                   1
2.  Asst. R.T.O.                   1
3.   Head Clerk                   1
4.  Senior Clerk                   2
5.  Junior Clerk                   3
6.  Peon                   1
7.  Traffic Inspector                   2
8.  Constable                   3
9.  Driver                   1

Address with contact Phone Number

         Regional Transport Officer (RTO)
         Stadium Building
         AT/PO : Angul
         District : Angul
         Phone  : 06764-32727


         The sole function of the RTO Office are as follows.

(i) Looks into the implementation of Motor Vehicle Act and rules.

(ii) Supervises and reviews the collection of M.V. taxes and fees on motor vehicles from time to time to achieve the target fixed in respect of the office.

(iii) Regulates the passenger and goods transport by road inside the district.

(iv) For general public awareness, it ensures strict observation of road safety inside the district.

(v) RTO functions as Registering Authority for registration of motor vehicles within the jurisdiction.

(vi) RTO issues Drivers and Conductors Licenses.

(vii) RTO ensures enforcement activities to check violation of provision of M.V. Act and rules made there under by the unscrupulous vehicles operators.

(viii) RTO issues permissions to different kind of vehicles to ply inside and outside the region as the case may be.

(ix) RTO assists in the district administration as per direction of the Collector and District Magistrate who is the Chairman, Regional Transport Authority.

(x) RTO looks after the comforts and conveniences of the traveling passengers.

Success Story/Achievements

     Since the inception of the RTO Office i.e. with effect from 01.07.2002, it has been achieving collection of M.V.  revenue as against the targeted amount fixed for Angul region.

Scheme Details

       Effective steps are being taken for collection of M.V. revenue to enrich the State Exchequer. Accordingly plan has been prepared keeping in view the progress of the Collection of M.V. Revenue.

New Project/Initiative

       New projects and initiatives are prepared by the Govt. of Orissa in the Commerce & transport (Tr.) Department with the aid and advice of the Transport Commissioner.

How is Department is helping to Common Public

(i) It looks after the comforts and conveniences of the traveling public as far as transport administration is concerned.

(ii) It observes "Road Safety Week" to prevent road accidents.

(iii) It enriches the State Exchequer by collecting M.V. revenue in the interest of public service.


 Motor Vehicles Registered