SOCIAL WELFARE                                                                                                                                                

Departmental Structure          Office Address with  Phone No                                Fucntion/Activities  

Schemes  :    * Stipend to Physically handicapped student          *   OAP/WP

                      *  ODP            *  NOAP (NSAP)         *  NEBS      * Child Welfare

How is Department is helping to Public

  Departmental Structure:

                 The Dist. Social Welfare section, Angul is under the control of W & C.D. Deptt., Orissa, Bhubanewar and DSWO, Angul is functioning his office in a portion of the STADIUM Building at Angul on rent basis.

  Address with  contact hone No.:  DSWO Office, Angul Stadium, Phone-231820

  Function/ Activities :

                   The target and achievement of different schemes are given below.

       Name of the scheme           Target               Achievement

       SOAP/WP                                     17664                    17664
       NOAP                                            8570                      8570
       O.D.P.                                           1840                      1840
       National Family Benefit Scheme  -                           25
       M.D.M.                                         1,34,101                1,34,101
       S.N.P.                                             60,500                   60,500

       Schemes :

       1.  Stipend to physically handicapped student

           The handicapped student reading :
           from class I to V class @ Rs. 20/- p.m.
           from class VI to X class @ Rs. 40/- p.m
           from class College to  to University s @ Rs. 60/- p.m
           from student reading outside the State  @ Rs. 75/- p.m.

          All the 8 Blocks in four sub-division of Angul district are cover under ICDS to provide six package of services to the pre-school children, pregnant women and Nurshing mother.

      Viz :1.  Pre-School education
                2.  Health education.
                3.  Refresheral services
                4.  Health check up

                5.  Immunization
                6.  Spl. Nutrition Programme

    2. OAP/ W.P.

                      The scheme is meant for destitute who are above 65 years, widow, Leprosy patient provide with Rs. 100/- pension per month.


Eligibility :
        i) AGE : AT LEAST 60 YEARS

       RATE OF PENSION /ASSISTANCE :        Rs. 100/- per month per person.

       DISTRICT TARGET :  17664

       ACHIEVEMENT      :  17664
       MODE OF PAYMENT :     Cash on a fixed date of the month.

        SANCTIONING AUTHORITY:          Sub-Collector of each sub-division.


     3. O.D.P.      The scheme is meant for destitute persons who are totally blind or orthopedically handicapped and has visible signs of differ wanting of loss of blind due to Leprosy incapable from the age of 5 years and above are eligible to get Rs. 100/- as pension per month.


        District Target :       1840

       Achievement : 1840

       Eligibility : Age at least five years and should be disabled.

       Rate of Pension :  Rs.100/- per person per month.

       Sanctioning Authority :  Sub-Collector.

       Mode of payment :  Cash on fixed day and fixed place.


     4.  NOAP       A destitute of 65 years of age and unable to earn bread from his/ her own source of income is provide with pension @ Rs. 75/- p.m. by the Govt. of India and Rs. 25/- p.m. by the State Government. The Details are as follows.


            Introduced on : 15th August 1995.
            Components :
  National Old Age Pension Scheme (NOAPS)
                                     National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS)
                                     National Maternity Benefit Scheme (NMBS)

  Criteria :

            i)  Age - At least 65 years.
           ii)  Financial condition - With little or no regular means of subsistence.

         SANCTIONING AUTHORITY       Sub-Collector.


         RATE OF PENSION/ASSISTANCE : Rs.100/- per person per month.

        MODE OF DISTRIBUTION/PAYMENT : Cash on a fixed day every month.

         DISTRICT TARGET  : 8570

         Achievement : 8570

     5.   NEBS        Under this unit of NSAP Central assistance is made available for a lump sum Family benefit of Rs. 10,000/- to the family house holder below poverty line on the death of the primary bread owner of the family.

      6.  Child Welfare  
                         The aim of the scheme is to to provide care, protection, education and vocational training orphanage children to bring them to the level of normal citizen of the country.

                         The following orphanages are in existence in Angul district with the strength noted against each.

                  1.   Baji Rout Chhatrabas, Angul       ---   100 nos
                  2.  Athamallik Balashram                   ---    25 nos.

How is the department is helping to common public

                           The Govt. provide to the people  by way of giving pension, nutrition food to the pre-school children, school children, pregnant & nursing mothers, aids to physically handicapped persons, to old and infant people.