• District social welfare wing dealing with various schemes to provide social security to old age persons, widow persons, cured leprosy patient, disabled persons, detected HIV positive persons, families in lose of prime bread earner & in protection of destitute women as well as orphan children.
  • Further to increase the attendance of the children in schools and supplementing their nutritional intake, both the students of Primary, Upper Primary & High school (from class VI to VIII) are being covered under MDM programme in this district, Sustainability of this programme in terms of 100%coverage of school children is a must to achieve the goal of the programme.
  • This wing also dealing with ICDS scheme to provide services such as immunization, Pre-School education, Supplementary nutrition, Referral services, Health Nutrition Education and Health check-up for the development of rural children 0-6 years of age and Pregnant/Nursing mothers along with all women in the age group of 18- 45 year of age. This scheme is also looking for the development of adolescent girls who are the future mother of the society. In addition to the above the overall empowerment of women is being looked after through implementation of Mission Shakti Programme.
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