Historical Development

  • The Employment service comes in to existence in India under the stress of post 2nd world war demobilization. To handle orderly reapportion of civil life, of a large number of service personnel and war workers who were about to be released the directorate general of resettlement and Employment was set up by July 1945. By 1948 Employment Exchanges were thrown open to all categories of applicants.

  • On the recommendation of B. Shiva Rao commit the day to day administration of the organization was handed over to the State Government with effect from 1st November 1956.

  • The Employment service is the joint concern of the Central Government and state Government. In 1960 the name of the Directorate General was changed from Directorate General of resettlement and Employment to directorate General of Employment and training ( D.G.E and T ).


The Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of vacancies) Act 1959 was enacted in 1959 and brought into force with effect from 1st May 1960. Under the provision of the Act , all establishments in the public sector and all establishment in the private sector normally employing 25 or more workers are required to notify certain categories of vacancies and also render quarterly and biennial returns in the prescribed forms ER-I and ER-II to the appropriate Employment Exchanges as notified by the state Government.

Organisation and Structure of the Employment Service in the States

The state Director is at the apex of the organization in the states. It exercise full control over the Exchanges in the states further it provides leadership, guidance and Expertise in Technical fields as :-

  • Survey and studies relating to employment and unemployment.
  • Manpower planning and forecasting.
  • Enforcement of Employment Exchanges ( C.N.V) Act 1959 collection of Employment market information and public relations.
  • Vocational guidance and carrier advice.
  • Occupational research and information.
  • Staff training.
  • District Employment Exchange, Angul came into being on 16.04.1993 consequent on declaration of Angul as separate Revenue District prior to that this office was functioning as Spl. Employment Exchange.

  • Consequent upon up gradation to the status of District Employment Exchange, the staff position of the office is given below:-