The Office of the District Statistical Officer, Angul has been functioning in the district since October' 1994 after the reorganization of districts in Orissa under the Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Orissa. Bhubaneswar and the administrative control of Planning & Co-ordination Department, Govt.of Orissa.


The main objectives of this office is collection, compilation and reporting of primary data relating to various sectors like agriculture, irrigation, price statistics and socio economic indicators etc. in respect of Angul District. This office serves as a field agency for collection, compilation and submission of data relating to different sectors of the economy to the Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Orissa. Bhubaneswar.

The main objectives of District Statistical office, Angul may be classified as follows.
  • Collection, compilation, analysis, dissemination of primary as well as secondary data relating to socio- economic indicators, agriculture, Industry sectors & many other developmental Programmes in the District.
  • Improvement of quality, scope and usefulness of the statistical and economic data available in the District.
  • Collection of data through conducting regular sample surveys, ad-hoc surveys, pilot studies and censuses on various subjects at the instance of both Central Govt. and the State Govt.
  • Rendering statistical advice to different Departments of Government , 5. Publication of various statistical reports and fact books which are of use to the Government, planners, researchers and the public.
  • Regular collection of official statistics as by-products of administration.
  • Any other ad-hoc work assigned by District Authority and State Government from time to time.

With this, the District Statistical office has been playing a vital role in the maintenance of a healthy database for different sectors of the economy and an integral part of the planning process.

EARAS (Establishment of an Agency for Reporting Agricultural Statistics):

This is a centrally sponsored scheme in which 20 percent revenue villages of each block are selected every year for area enumeration and yield estimation survey in the respective agriculture year; in the process all the villages of a block are completed in five years constituting a Round. 13 crops including paddy have been currently taken up for estimating area under the crop and the yield rate as per Central Govt. instructions.

NSS (National Sample Survey):

Every year the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) conducts surveys on sample basis to find out estimates pertaining to different socio-economic indicators. And in this respect the District Statistical Office has been collecting data with the help of its primary investigators on matching share basis with the Centre and submits the schedules to the DE&S. Orissa.

Price Statistics:

The Office collect data on Farm harvest prices, Producer price, Wholesale prices & Retail price of different agriculture and non- Agricultural commodities from the selected primary markets of the districts.


Fruits & Vegetables Schemes:
  • This is a centrally sponsored Plan scheme. Survey is being concluded on sample basis for area estimation; yield rate and production of some selected fruits and Vegetables namely Cauliflower, Cabbage, onion, tomato and Turmeric under vegetables and Banana & Mango under Fruits.
  • The office also collects data for reporting of Agriculture Labour Wages and cost of certain items of firm Cultivation.
Official Statistics:

Different types of data relating to the administration and developmental activities are being collected by this office from various Govt. Departments, public sector undertaking and other organization.

Ad hoc Survey:

Different types of survey like Economic Census, Agriculture Census and Minor Irrigation Census etc. are undertaken by this office at the instance of Central Govt. from time to time to bridge the data gap in various sectors for planning purpose.

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