Consequent upon the creation of new district by Govt. of Orissa, Angul district came into existence with effect from 1st April 1993 after bifurcation of Dhenkanal district. Territorially this District covers a portion of 03-Sambalpur and 09-Dhenkanal parliamentary Constituencies. As per delimitation Order No.5858-IE (A)-6/2006/Elec. dated 15.12.2006 two Assembly segments namely 62-Chhendipada (SC) & 63-Athamallik comes under 03-Sambalpur Parliamentary constituency and three Assembly segments namely 59-Pallahara, 60-Talcher & 61-Angul comes under 09-Dhenkanal Parliamentary Constituency.


For the smooth conduct of election at the District level the Collector and District Election Officer has the overall responsibility and the District Election Machinery under the command and control of the Collector & District Election Officer plays a vital role on ensuring the purity of electoral process and the smooth conduct of elections.


The details are given below: -




03-Sambalpur Parliamentary Constituency ( part)

1.         62-Chhendipada (SC) A.C
2.         63-Athamallik A.C


09-Dhenkanal Parliamentary Constituency ( part)

 1.         59-Pallahara A.C           
 2.         60-Talcher A.C 
 3.         61-Angul A.C



Information regarding constituencies available in District
 ( No of constituencies Lok Sabha & No of Vidhan Sabha)

02 nos of Parliamentary Constituencies  ( part)    
  05 nos of Assembly Constituencies


Party affiliation

Contact Telephone No.

List of MP & MLA

Name of the M.P                                            

  1. Sri Amaranth Pradhan,

      03-Parliamentary Constituency                      

Indian National Congress


 2.  Sri Tathagata Satpathy,  
      09- Dhenkanal Parliamentary   Constituency

Biju Janata Dal



Party affiliation

Contact Telephone No.

List of  MLA

Name of the M.L.A                                         

  1. Sri Rabi Narayan Pani, MLA ,

       59-Pallahara A.C                                            

Biju Janata Dal


  1. Sri Braja Kishore Pradhan, MLA ,

       60-Talcher A.C                                                



3.    Sri Rajani Kant Singh. MLA,
       61-Angul A.C                                                 

Biju Janata Dal


4.   Sri Khageswar Behera, MLA,
       62-Chhendipada (SC) A.C  

Biju Janata Dal


5.    Sri Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo, MLA,
        63-Athamallik A.C

Biju Janata Dal


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