The administrative structure of education of Angul Revenue district is noted below.
No. of Inspector of Schools: 01
No. o Administrative-cum –Accounts Officer : 01
No. of Inspector of Physical Education : 01
No. of Dist. Science Supervisor : 01
No. of Dist. Inspector of Schools : 04 ( Angul, Talcher, Athamallik & Pallahara)
  1. Secondary Education is to make good quality education available, accessible and affordable to all younger persons in the age group of 14- 18 years.
  2. To ensure that all schools have infrastructural facilities.
  3. To improve quality of Secondary Education resulting in enhanced intellectual, social and cultural learning.
  4. To ensure that all students pursuing Secondary Education receive education of good quality.
  5. To ensure that no child is deprived of Secondary Education of satisfactory quality due to gender, socio-economic disabilities and other barriers
  6. Orientation Training to teachers to make more effective class room teaching.

In this context it may be highlighted that review meeting of all Headmasters / Headmistress are being organized for improvement of quality education. The Headmasters / Headmistress have already been instructed to take following measures for development of qualitative education/ class – room teaching.

  1. All the subject teachers are to prepare lesson notes properly on the subject they teach for the day and maintain lesson dairy regularly for improvement of effective and qualitative teaching and verified by the Headmasters.
  2. The Headmaster must inspect one class of each teacher in each week and record to that effect (Inspection Register) be maintained for supervision of Higher authority.
  3. The Headmaster verifies and signs the lesson notes daily as a matter of routine work.
  4. Monthly, quarterly and half-yearly examination must be conducted and the result of the students be communicated to the guardians.
  5. Unit test / monthly test of each individual subject must be conducted and records there of be maintained and communicated to the guardians.
  6. The Headmasters / Headmistress are to organize science exhibition in their school for development of science spirit.
  7. The Headmasters / Headmistress are to hold review meeting of the performance of the employees of the school at the end of every month
  8. Organization of annual sports, annual function, co-curricular activities is to be done sincerely with meticulous planning during the month of December of the every year.
  9. The school committee ( VEC / PTA ) of the school is to be constituted forthwith if not formed. The Headmaster / Headmistress is to ensure regular sitting of the same.
  10. Corporal punishment to students has been prohibited.
  11. The school campus should be “Punishment Free “and “Tobacco Free “and it has been written boldly in the prominent place of the wall.
  • The Inspector of Schools stationed at Dhenkanal is over all charge of Secondary Education of two Revenue District i.e. Angul and Dhenkanal. The vital function of Inspector of Schools is to inspect / supervise the High Schools for ensuring qualitative improvement of education.
  • The four District Inspector of Schools stationed at Angul, Talcher, Athamallik and Pallahara are charge of supervision / inspection of Primary Schools / Upper Primary Schools of their respective educational district.
  • The Sarvasikhya Abhijan is being operated in Angul Revenue District under the control of Dist. Project Co-ordinator to provide infrastructural facilities to Primary Schools / Upper Primary Schools and to organize various orientation training programme to teachers of Primary Schools / Upper Primary Schools relating to quality class room teaching in respective educational district in collaboration with concerned District Inspector of school and BRCC and CRCC.
No. of High Schools in Angul Revenue District
  • Govt. High Schools-16
  • Govt. New High Schools-93
  • ULB ( Taken Over) HS-01
  • Aided High Schools-15
  • Block Grant High Schools-71
  • Un-aided (Recognized)-41
  • HTW Deptt. High Schools-04
  • TOTAL-241
  • No. of Primary Schools-909
  • No. of Upper Primary Schools-586
  • No. of DIET-01
  • No. of Jawahar Navodaya
  • Vidyalaya-01

No. of Colleges-26 ( General Colleges)

  • Govt. College, Angul, At/PO/Dist: Angul
  • Sri Jaganath Mahavidyalaya, Badakera, At/PO: Badakera, Dist: Angul
  • S.C.S. College, Bantala, At/PO: Bantala
  • Women’s College, Angul, PO/Dist: Angul
  • Evening College, Angul, PO/Dist: Angul
  • Anchalik Collge, Talmul, AT/PO: Talmul
  • Jarasinga College, At/PO: Jarasinga
  • Banarpal College, AT/PO: Banarpal
  • Chhendipada College, At/PO: Chhendipada
  • Kosala College, At/PO: Kosala
  • Jarapada Collge, AT/PO: Jarapada
  • Maharsi College of Natural Law, AT/PO: Santarabandha
  • Anchalika Mahavidyalaya, Angapada, At/PO : Angapada
  • Janata College, Boinda, AT/PO: Kishoreganja
  • Satyabadi Meher +2 College, Madhapur, At/PO: Madhapur
  • Athamallik College, Athamallik
  • Slipa Anchala Mahila Mahavidyalaya, At: Hatatota, PO: Talcher
  • Gadatala Regional College, Santhapada, Talcher
  • Nilakantheswar Mahavidyalaya, South Balanda, Talcher
  • Talcher College, Talcher
  • Kaniha College, Kaniha, At/PO: Kaniha
  • Pabitranagar College, Parabile, At/PO: Parabile
  • Jagamohan Higher Secondary School, At/PO: Kuluma
  • Regional College Dam Site, AT/O: Rengali Dam Site
  • Utkalamani Mahavidyalaya, Khamar
  • Malyagiri Mahavidyalaya, Pallahara
National Talent Search Examination- NTS:
  • All students studying in class VIII in any type of recognized schools including Kendriya Vidyalaya, Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sainik Schools etc. are eligible to appear at the State level NTS Examination from the State in which the school is located. Students securing at least 60% of marks in Annual Examination Class VII are eligible to appear NTS examination.
  • Awardees of NTS examination will receive scholarship of Rs.500/- per month up to Ph.D level in Basic Science, Social Science, Commerce, Post Graduation level in Engineering, Medicine, Management and law subject to satisfactory academic progress.
  • The examination is being conducted through SCERT, Bhubaneswar by NCERT, New Delhi. The State quota i.e. for Odisha is 121 at National level.
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