Smelter Plant, Angul                     Captive Power Plant, Angul

      National Aluminium Company Ltd. (Nalco) is considered to be a turning point in the history of Indian Aluminium Industry. In a major leap forward, Nalco has not only addressed the need for self-sufficiency in aluminium, but also given the country a technological edge in producing this strategic metal to the best of world standards. Nalco was incorporated in 1981 in the Public Sector, to exploit a part of the large deposits of bauxite discovered in the East Coast. The Captive Power Plant (CPP) & Smelter Plant are situated near Angul.  




       The 2,30,000 tpa capacity Aluminium Smelter is located at Angul in Orissa. Based on energy efficient state-of-the-art technology of smelting and pollution control, the Smelter Plant is in operation since early 1987.

Presently, the capacity is being expanded to 3,45,000 tpa.


          The salient features:


     -  Advanced 180 KA cell technology

     -  Micro-processor based pot regulation system

     -   Fume treatment plant with dry-scrubbing system for pollution control
         and fluoride salt recovery

     -   Integrated facility for manufacturing carbon anodes, bus bars, anode
          tems etc.

     -  4 x 35 tone and 4 x 45 tone furnaces and 2 x 15 tph and 2 x 20 tph
         ingot casting machines

     -  4 x 45 tonne furnaces and 2 x 9.5 tph wire rod mills

     -  2 x 45 tonne furnaces and 60/42 per drop billet casting machine

     -  2 x 1.5 tonne induction furnace with a 4 tph alloy ingot casting machine

     -  26,000 tpa strip casting machines

      With the acquisition and subsequent merger of International Aluminium Products Limited (IAPL) with Nalco, the 50,000 tpa export-oriented Rolled Products Unit is all set to produce foil stock, fin stock, can stock, circles, coil stock, cable wraps, standard sheets and coils




     Close to the Aluminium Smelter at Angul, a Captive Power Plant of 720 MW capacity, comprising 6 x 120 MW clusters, has been established for firm supply of power to the Smelter.

     Presently, the capacity is being expanded to 960 MW.


     The salient features:


     -  Micro-processor based burner management system for optimum thermal efficiency


     -  Computer controlled data acquisition system for on-line monitoring


     -  Automatic turbine run-up system


     -  Specially designed barrel type high pressure turbine


     -  Electrostatic precipitators with advanced intelligent controllers


     -  Wet disposal of ash


      The water for the Plant is drawn from River Brahmani through a 7 km long double circuit pipeline. The coal demand is met from a mine of 3.5 million tpa capacity opened up for Nalco at Bharatpur in Talcher by  Mahanadi Coalfields Limited. The Power Plant is inter-connected with the State Grid.